Law & Forensics protects your most valuable intellectual property, corporate secrets, client information, and personal data by identifying technical and legal gaps through sophisticated consulting on cyber security strategy.

L&F also works with IT departments from scratch to build a worry-free, secure system. Our clients have direct access to the experts – there is no middle man. Our consultants have delivered complex records management and data security technologies for several U.S. government agencies, Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, AIG, and others.

  • Cyber Security Analysis & Assessment
    Identify and prioritize threats
    Provide vendor-agnostic analysis of software, operating systems, and hardware tools for managing and protecting current data. Analyze and define an organization’s operational structure to detect internal and external systems and human capital risks and exposures, whether tangible or intangible. Create a cyber security assessment plan and lead the information security team in executing the assessment.
  • Incident Response Playbook
    Prepare the response team with training exercises and simulations
    Collaborate with key legal, business, and technology stakeholders across the organization to develop a cyber security incident response playbook. Advise senior executives on creating a strategic roadmap around cyber security issues.
  • Security Protocols
    Modify protocols from legal and technical perspectives
    Develop data security protocols and create training modules for employees on the new standards and protocols, all while working closely with both IT and legal stakeholders.
  • Vendor and Policy Audits
    Work with boards and senior executives to identify and mitigate risks
    Audit existing vendors that deliver information security services and work to define the appropriate level of services respective to the companies’ needs. Perform audits of existing information management policies, processes, and technologies, and provide recommendations on adjusting systems and policies to mitigate cyber security issues.

Case Studies: 

Problem: Hackers were demanding ransom for stolen data.  

Solution: L&F ran an incident response investigation for the board of the company. We were able to identify the cyber criminals and found the source of the hack. The company did not end up needing to pay the ransom.

All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.