Cloud Computing Citation in Technology Review

Daniel Garrie was quoted on the legal challenges of cloud computing in MIT’s Technology Review, October 18, 2011.

In the article, “Transcending Borders but Not Laws,” the author notes that as more companies turn to cloud-based servers for scalable, cost-effective data storage and management, legal complications arise. The nature of cloud computing, or the delivery of hosting and other services via the internet, frequently results in the physical location of a company’s data existing thousands of miles away from the company itself. As countries have diverse laws and mandates governing data privacy, a company may not be aware of the potential exposure of their data to government entities. For example, the United States is both the hub of cloud service providers and one of the strictest in terms of government regulation of data, especially after the passing of the Patriot Act in 2001.

Mr. Garrie adds: “this article picks up on a key challenge of the globalization of data through the cloud. Those of us involved in both the legal and technology fields have seen this coming, but there clearly needs to be more discussion between technologists and legal professionals, as the law must take into consideration that sensitive data is more nomadic than ever.”