In-Person Event

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Cybersecurity for Lawyers

When: September 15-17th, 2022
Location: San Diego, California
Format: In-Person

This seminar will discuss cryptocurrencies and highlight the broad range of legal and cybersecurity issues raised by various applications of this technology and the legal and regulatory responses to date. As cryptocurrencies and related digital currencies and assets become more commonly and securely exchanged, lawyers are seeking information on how to advise their clients and stay abreast of the latest legal trends.

Gain practical guidance throughout this interactive, hands-on, CLE-Accredited Workshop.

Why You Should Attend

  • Experts will discuss virtual currency law and will introduce the most relevant issues and practical solutions to Blockchain, distributed ledger, the growth of cryptocurrencies, and the role of digital currencies in financial transactions.
  • Attendees will gain crucial guidance on “Smart Contracts,” compliance and avoidance strategies, and virtual currency transmissions.


Daniel Garrie
Law & Forensics

David Cass
Law & Forensics

Karen Silverman
The Cantellus Group

Vikas Bhargava
Knobbe Martens

Hosted by the California Lawyers Association

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