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William R. Burdett is a consultant for Law & Forensics for information security and records management specializing in strategic federal government information security compliance, information management, e-discovery, information governance, and data dissemination in the Federal government. Previously, as Senior e-Government Architect at the Department of Justice, he directed the implementation of improved technology solutions as mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in support of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA).

Mr. Burdett’s leadership was instrumental in helping Justice raise its e-Gov PMA Scorecard rating from ‘RED’ to ‘GREEN’. He has played a leading role in Federal inter-agency initiatives to improve e-discovery and information management, including:

  •     Formulating government-wide geo-spatial information solution architectures,
  •     Forging a common authentication architecture for information systems, and
  •     Developing standard service components for electronic records management

At Justice, Mr. Burdett encouraged the effective integration of business process management (BPM) technologies with document and records management capabilities. This has led to improved e-discovery case management and litigation support solutions.

Prior to his Federal service, Mr. Burdett helped usher in the computer revolution to Wall Street as an executive with CDA Investment Technologies.  He maintained major SEC ownership databases of public firms, coordinated the analysis of investment portfolios managed by major institutions and worked to extend the firm’s capabilities to the personal financial planning market.  Early in his career, he provided engineering management and analytical services for the Department of Defense.