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As Law & Forensics chief operating officer, Ms. Haines is responsible for the organizational and strategic leadership of Law & Forensics worldwide mediation and arbitration, cyber security, and legal technology consulting services. In 2012, Ms. Haines also spearheaded the involvement of Law & Forensics in a number of pilot e-discovery mediation programs across the nation. She is currently leading the Law & Forensics expansion over the next year into a number of new European markets. Along with Chief Executive Officer Daniel Garrie and other senior executives, Ms. Haines serves on the Leadership Team that sets the overall strategy and direction for Law & Forensics.

Upon graduating from college, Ms. Haines started her career at the corporate offices of Verizon, where she was responsible for the bi-annual FCC reports. Ms. Haines then held various leadership positions around the world in the non-profit, education, legal, and medical industries at such esteemed organizations as Starlight Children’s Foundation in London, Tokyo University of Science in Uenohara Japan, and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Ms. Haines graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing. She then went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from New York University and a Master of Science degree in Fundraising Management from Columbia University.

Outside of Law & Forensics, Ms. Haines is involved with a number of non-profit organizations. She works extensively with the Edward J. Madden Open Hearts camp, an organization that provides a safe summer camp experience for children who have had open heart surgery or a heart transplant.