Family Law Cases Involving Digital Assets

ADR is increasingly used to settle complex, urgent, and emotional family law cases with digital assets, enhancing fairness and efficiency.

Special Masters Class Actions and MDLs

Special Masters in Class Actions: How to Utilize Them

Daniel Garrie will join Judge Leo Gordon, Jennifer Hoekstra, Judge Cynthia Rufe, and Judge Gail Andler to discuss effectively using Special Masters in MDLs at Epiq’s Mass and Class Summit.

Legal Security for ICS

Two Sides to the Same Coin: Legal Security for ICS

Daniel Garrie will speak at a seminar providing legal language and scenarios for representation and warranties in contracts for ICS owners, operators, and vendors.

Privacy Automotive

Law & Forensics Supports an Automotive Multinational in Privacy Compliance

L&F has recently hosted a successful cybersecurity tabletop exercise for a multinational insurance brokerage company.