Webinar – Introduction to Cyber Insurance Policy Litigation

Mr. Daniel Garrie, Co-Head of Cyber Security Practice at ZEK, will be co-hosting a 1-hour webinar with Thomson Reuters. Mr. Garrie and his co-host, Mr. Tom Ricketts, Senior Vice President, Executive Managing Director, Risk Management Solutions, Aon, will be discussing the cyber insurance and its effects on policy litigation. They will provide an overview of the rapidly evolving cyber insurance policy space and present several case studies that focus on companies seeking cyber insurance policies. The panel will also examine frequent topics that arise in cyber security insurance policy litigations.

Mr. Garrie’s extensive knowledge in both the legal and cyber security fields will allow him to discuss critical matters in risk management and recommendations for how to appropriately respond to an attack. The webinar will take place Wednesday, February 11th at 1PM EST. Register Here!