Webinar – How Far is Too Far When a Company Responds to a Cyber Attack by a State Actor? With Daniel Garrie and Mitchell Silber

How Far is Too Far When a Company Responds to a Cyber Attack By a State Actor?

Daniel Garrie, Executive Managing Partner at Law & Forensics and Mitchell Silber, Executive Managing Director of K2 Intelligence, will co-host a 1-hour webinar with Thomson Reuters.

Using hypothetical scenarios, Mr. Garrie and Mr. Silber will discuss a corporation’s response to a cyber attack, and the potential pitfalls a corporation may face due to legal issues and public relations.

Starting with a brief explanation of the advanced threat life cycle and analytical tools to drive a solution, Garrie and Silber discuss a timeline of appropriate responses, avenues to involve law enforcement, and recommendations for handling media and public relation pressures enforced by external pressures and stockholders.

Mr. Garrie and Mr. Silber’s extensive knowledge in both the legal, technical, and cyber security fields will allow them to offer deep insight into what a company can, and should, do if attacked. The webinar will take place Tuesday, March 24th at 1PM EST. Register Here!