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04 Dec

Criminal E-Discovery (Part 2 of 5)

Criminal E-Discovery: 21st Century Paperless Trails (Part 2 of 5) September 4, 2012 In this second posting in the five-part series on criminal e-discovery, Daniel Garrie looks at the burdens, benefits, and federal rules surrounding the use of e-discovery in criminal proceedings. E-discovery is rapidly making headway in civil proceedings, but the criminal courts have

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27 Aug

Daniel Garrie Speak at E-Discovery Seminar

On Wednesday, June 14, Mr. Garrie will be speaking at the Unified Ediscovery Seminar in New York City. Mr. Garrie will present at the Unified e-discovery Seminar, an exclusive luncheon sponsored by Autonomy, June 14, 2012 in New York City. Daniel Garrie will cover the emerging growth of meaning-based coding in e-discovery in his presentation,

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20 Aug

E-Discovery System Integration

Law & Forensics  announces an new offering to assist with e-discovery system integration. Law & Forensics LLC, an e-discovery and forensics consulting firm, has just begun offering a service which will allow for an integrated holistic view of e-discovery with expert consulting across all aspects of litigation support, including: system integration, methods and procedures, review

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20 Jan

FSRDG Changes to Law & Forensics

FSRDG Changes to Law & Forensics by Director of Press & Marketing We wanted to take a minute to advise you that we have redefined our business focus and have selected a new company name that makes it clear where our expertise resides – that name, Law & Forensics. Law & Forensics will replace FSRDG,

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01 Jan

Electronic Discovery & 21st Century Criminals

Electronic Discovery & 21st Century Criminals January 1, 2012 |Law & Forensics Part 1 of 2 Long gone or fading fast are the days when only bookmakers, Ponzi schemers, predatory mortgage brokers, insider traders, just to name a few, rely on the “paperwork” to carry on their daily business. The paperless world has come full circle.

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24 Feb

Legally Correct But Technologically Off the Mark

Legally Correct But Technologically Off the Mark by Director of Press & Marketing @ Law and Forensics  Today’s judges face numerous challenges in determining the truth of the matter at hand, but none is more challenging than ruling on issues that pivot on digital evidence. This article addresses issues raised in TR Investors, LLC v.

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