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03 May

E-Discovery in Delaware Federal Court — Part 2 of 3

The default standard does not require that each party to a case designate an e-discovery liaison through which all e-discovery requests are to be made. However, identifying such an individual can certainly aid in providing a smooth e-discovery experience. The individual can be a third-party consultant, an employee of the party, or counsel. The key

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11 Jan

Discovery Referees Value Added E-Discovery

REASONS TO USE E-DISCOVERY REFEREES THAT KNOW THE TECHNOLOGY AND THE LAW The importance of discovery referees such as special masters is increasing with the quantity of electronic data at issue in many cases. A discovery referee is a neutral person appointed by a court, arbitrator, other decision-making body, or the parties themselves, to make

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04 Dec

E-Discovery Costs and Benefits,Part 1 of 6

Because they lack sufficient resources to develop in-house enterprise solutions and/or receive infrequent discovery requests, smaller organizations may look to turnkey outsourcing. However, many organizations are deciding to bring e-discovery in-house. This strategy provides substantial tangible benefits. Direct cost-savings accrue year-by-year. Rigorous policy implementation and directed technology investments diminish business disruption and reduce legal risk in future years. As litigation exposure increases, costs are far better contained.

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13 Apr

Technology, “the Fire that Burned down the House?” (Part 1)

“Where are we and what are we doing here?”  This is a common question today for both court and counsel in matters of discovery.  On a daily basis the courts are being bogged down by extensive and expensive undirected and misdirected discovery contests.  Lawyers no longer appear to be saving their “powder” for battles in

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