No-Gigabyte Pricing

No-Gigabyte Pricing Press Release

We at Law & Forensics are excited to introduce our “No-Gigabyte” pricing plan.  Whereas most firms charge their clients for every minute that their computers are processing extensive amounts of data, at Law & Forensics, you pay only when our people are thinking, not when our computers are.

Senior Managing Partner, Daniel Garrie, believes, “No-Gigabyte Pricing is a revolutionary idea in the E-Discovery world.  Years of experience in E-Discovery and computer forensics has shown us that law firms and clients are paying thousands of dollars for nothing more than the time spent by computers processing data. No-Gig Pricing turns that on its head. Law & Forensics will only charge clients for the time our people are thinking and working on projects, not when a computer is running overnight crunching data.”

Bill Spernow, Head of Forensics, adds: “the No-Gig Pricing model is unique.  Our new clients have repeatedly mentioned that they objected to the “Per-Gig” pricing model especially when large storage devices contained very little responsive data.  We’ve taken that concern to heart and decided clients should only be charged when we are at the keyboard analyzing a case.”