Special Master

Law & Forensics’ team members have served as Discovery Neutrals, ESI Liaisons, and Special Masters in disputes in Federal and State courts all over the United States including US Court of Federal Claims, US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, California State Courts, Central District of California, Northern District of Illinois, New York State Courts, New Jersey State Courts, District of New Jersey, Western District of Pennsylvania, and Georgia State Courts.

L&F’s reputation for neutrality and technical excellence has been a significant factor in our selection as the discovery neutral in dozens of high profile cases, such as the class action against UMC Hospital in the District Court of Las Vegas Nevada.

Special Master
Hear cases in State and Federal court

Resolve disputes regarding necessity, scope, and methodology for e-discovery. Review and verify technical compliance with discovery requests, identify attempts to hide/destroy evidence, and determine compliance with discovery orders.

E-Discovery Protocols
Author hundreds of protocols in both large and small disputes

Assist the court and parties in structuring an overall protocol for e-discovery or forensic matters, including: identifying the computers and devices from which data is to be collected, creating and developing search parameters, and limiting the breadth of discovery orders.

Discovery Referee
Save parties time and money in complex disputes

Facilitate the efficient resolution of disputes regarding ESI so that the parties can focus on the merits of the case and save clients substantial money and time. Our Referees eliminate the inefficiencies of having the court supervise the discovery process, save the parties time, and ensure predictability and continuity of the discovery process.

ESI Liaison
Advocate on behalf of dozens of both Defendants and Plaintiffs in State and Federal court

Work with counsel and their clients to determine effective and efficient protocols for identification, preservation, review, and production of ESI. L&F liaisons provide all parties involved with confidence in relation to the methodologies used for the preservation, collection, processing, searching, and production of your client’s ESI, which results in fewer e-discovery disputes and minimizes court intervention.

Case Studies

Problem: Multimillion dollar civil dispute.

Solution: L&F team member acted as an electronic discovery expert in a civil dispute regarding multimillion dollar electronic processing project. He authored a technical expert report detailing the manner and mechanisms involved in the $1,100 million fraud.

Problem: Destruction of data and improper document retention by opposing party.

Solution: L&F team member acted as Special Master in a multimillion dollar class action involving unpaid wages in which there were allegations of destruction of data and improper document retention. He investigated the potential spoliation of evidence, advised the court regarding the proper protocols to use to solve e-discovery issues, and issued a report recommending termination sanctions against the defendant for willful spoliation of relevant data.

Problem: Court required Special Master to resolve spoliation issues.

Solution: L&F team member served as a court appointed electronic discovery Special Master in a complex civil dispute involving $500 million dollars. The Special Master investigated potential spoliation of evidence, created and implemented search protocol for more than 100 million items, and issued a Report and Recommendation that resulted in the parties settling the dispute.


All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.