Law & Forensics works with clients in all phases of the discovery process all over the globe. Clients’ needs range from a single drive to thousands of drives and devices.

We have a proven track record of helping  clients navigate the e-discovery process and avoid complications, devise settlement strategies, and achieve favorable trial outcomes. Our team is highly skilled in managing the burdens, costs, and potential pitfalls surrounding E-Discovery.

Although the process is well established in the legal profession, E-Discovery – the investigation and production of electronically stored information (ESI) for presentation in court – is still a relatively new demand on parties.  Due to the immense volume of electronic data, and electronic metadata (or “data about data”), discrepancies and uncertainties often arise about where to find the necessary information, what information is actually pertinent, and who is in charge of keeping track of this data (counsel?  the IT department?). We help resolve the litany of issues and complications that are common to the E-Discovery process to get the best results for our clients.

Law & Forensics has been involved with all aspects of E-Discovery and our team members’ backgrounds in both law and technology make us uniquely qualified to handle diverse needs. We help bridge information and communication gaps between technologists and legal professionals, whether law firms, corporate organizations or government agencies. Our work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. Our team frequently attends conferences and participates in working groups and development committees to update and enhance standards and protocols.

At Law & Forensics, we believe that at the bottom of every complex technology issue is a simple, cost-effective solution waiting to be “discovered.”


All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.