E-Discovery System Integration

Law & Forensics  announces an new offering to assist with e-discovery system integration.

Law & Forensics LLC, an e-discovery and forensics consulting firm, has just begun offering a service which will allow for an integrated holistic view of e-discovery with expert consulting across all aspects of litigation support, including: system integration, methods and procedures, review strategies, managed operations and predictive coding. This service new service will help clients integrate all of their software and hardware, regardless of the vendor, to ensure seamless e-discovery. It will allow litigators to return to the good old days of stressing out about the case and not the underlying technology.

Throughout the years our team realized a range of problems associated with e-discovery, from both a  legal and technical perspective, and therefore realized a unique offer that could provide a vendor neutral service to our clients.

Through this service of E-discovery systems integration, the Law & Forensics team guides organizations in the design, integration and operation of their e-discovery platform, ensuring that the systems work together seamlessly, are defensible during litigation, and are cost effective.

For more information please email us at info@lawandforensics.com.