Cyber Security

The services provided by the Cyber Security Strategy Consulting Team at Law and Forensics are unique in that we specialize in mitigating complex cyber threats by applying outside-the-box methodologies and before-the-fact thinking.

Unlike typical strategy or security consulting groups that specialize in cyber security risk assessment as a means of protecting sensitive data after a security breach has occurred, Law and Forensics Staff does the exact opposite.  We do not spend time attempting to align our clients’ business practices with out-dated security risk models and the management of non-responsive policies. Rather, we identify the skill sets of our adversaries and what resources are necessary from our perspective to frustrate the hacker community such that their efforts are repeatedly unproductive.

Our primary goal is to anticipate the activities of the malicious hacker community before-the fact and prevent them from compromising business environments that are costly and complex often costing millions of dollars, destroying brand, and weakening morale and culture.

Given that after-the-fact “gap” assessment is the norm in resolving security breaches, there are numerous individuals in the cyber security arena who are capable of recommending a multitude of after-the-fact “gap” fixes — these are the “Consultants.”  L&F Staff do not consider themselves as “Consultants,” but rather as individuals capable of advising clients on what the malicious hacker community is likely to do next, before-the-fact.  At L&F, there is no middle-man: our clients have direct access to the experts.  So what we know — you know.

As you might imagine, this approach has it limitations as the involved parties, L&F’s staff, need a significant amount of experience in both the legal and technical arenas concerning the aspects of hacking techniques and reverse malware engineering.  L&F’s staff bring these skill sets to the table, assisting our clients with detailed briefing on the significance of reports provided by their own IT staff and legal counsel.  In essence, L&F’s staff excel in translating the legal and technical parameters of a on-going/pending breach/compromise to Senior Management, a form of hand-holding if you will, so that they are capable of making real-time decisions as required.

To date, Law and Forensics staff have been very successful in applying their before-the-fact mitigation approach to cases involving Incident Response, Leak Investigations, Financial Fraud, Intellectual Property Theft, Employee Theft and Embezzlement and Misuse of Company Property. Lastly, L&F staff have developed instructor led training to help ensure a company’s legal and technical stakeholders stay current on relevant developments and always have a before-the-fact analysis perspective. When looking at your options, preventing the devastating effects of a breach has increasingly become not only the intelligent but necessary choice as the regulations and scrutiny of companies increase. L&F has developed and delivered courses for organizations such as the FBI, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and several top law firms.