Cyber Security

Law and Forensics’ (“L&F”) Cyber Security team can assist companies in protecting their valuable data by identifying legal and technical gaps and consulting on a long term cyber security strategy and solution. L&F team members have a wealth of experience in advising firms of all sectors and sizes on their most critical cyber security needs.

L&F works with IT departments to assess your security system and build a worry-free, secure system from scratch to protect your most valuable information. At L&F, there is no middle-man: our clients have direct access to the experts.

500+ engagements, policies, and programs developed

Identify legal and technical gaps in security platforms, consult on long term cyber security strategy, develop cyber security programs and policies that align our clients’ business practices with risk models and effective governance to protect and support growth, and manage the development and implementation of policies.

Incident Response
Work with law enforcement all over the globe in countless investigations

Investigate data breaches to determine both the method of entry and scope of the incident, as well as profile and quantify the data loss.

Insider Investigations
Conduct complex fraud investigations all over the world

Analyze digital evidence pertaining to internal cyber security issues and insider threats to determine the facts surrounding an incident, including: employee theft and embezzlement, intellectual property violations, and misuse of company property.

E-mail/Mobile Security
Secure email systems in over 100 countries

Assist companies in evaluating, designing, and implementing appropriate e-mail and mobile security solutions that address the business requirements and security threats specific to each company.

Legal/Technical Training
5000+ law enforcement, lawyers, and judges trained

Train employees and develop courses to help ensure a company’s legal and technical stakeholders stay current on relevant developments. L&F has developed and delivered courses for organizations such as the FBI, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and several top law firms.

Case Studies

Problem: Canadian and U.S. power outage.  

Solution: Our team was retained to investigate any security breaches, as well as a unique software virus on the electric company’s energy system. Using tools to track data, log-in details, and network security issues, our team member helped successfully identify the cause of the power outage, and we were able to eliminate criminal intent. We ensured that proper steps were taken to confirm all data was returned to its secure status after power was restored, and we were able to prevent further breaches to sites and networks that had suffered weakness in their security layers as a result of the outage.

Problem: A hacker attempted to steal over $2 million.

Solution: Our team responded rapidly and we were able to trace the breach. The L&F team completely locked down all of the client’s systems and changed the account ID’s and passwords for all login accounts and Web based services. This made all information the malicious individual obtained useless. The Cyber Security Red Team analyzed all information gained from the investigation to create a stronger cyber security platform and helped close numerous security gaps.  They then passed the information to law enforcement to handle next steps.  

Problem: A well-known celebrity and his wife were being cyber stalked.

Solution: E-mail, Ebay accounts, PayPal accounts, and mobile phones were hacked by an obsessed fan. One of Law & Forensics’ consultants was called in to perform an electronic forensic investigation of the accounts and devices in question. After investigating the IP address of mysterious emails sent from the clients’ account, our consultant noticed a pattern.  Due to the consultant’s experience with U.S. federal law enforcement agencies, he was able to trace the IP address to an employee at a research facility for a U.S. government agency.

All of Law & Forensics’ work reflects the highest ethical standards, no matter the scope of the task at hand. We consistently find new ways to serve our clients, and justice, better.