Ah, Where All Things are Possible: “A Fulbrighter Finds Home” (Part 4)

Last week, we brought you Part 3 of this series. Part 2 of this series by the Hon. Maureen Duffy-Lewis. Part 1 is here.  And now, we continue Judge Duffy-Lewis’s adventure in Bulgaria….

Well the semester is in full swing and the students are working on their trials.  I have six groups of students and each one of them is working as a team on a Murder Case.  They are full of excitement and know that what they have learned in this class will make them special in the legal world of Bulgaria.  The New Bulgaria of the European Union.  This fine and ancient culture that has survived so much in history, now has re-entered Europe as a full partner.  And with that comes the opportunities and the obligations to stand up and be heard in the “Public Square”, to be contributors to Justice and to be ready to participate in the newly expanding justice courts of Europe.  The advocacy skills they have learned in my class will serve them well as they span Bulgaria and Europe, being honest brokers of justice.  They know how to present a clear and concise argument and be persuasive without being insulting.  They now understand the saying “Peoples Perceptions are their Reality”.  We have had extensive conversations about how people perceive justice and how they, as lawyers, jurists and prosecutors will be the caretakers of Bulgaria’s Justice and will influence their communities’ view of the Justice System.  I often end class by asking them, “what is the first obligation of a lawyer” and they will loudly respond in unison, “To be the voice of the voiceless!” and with that answer I am the last person to slide out the classroom door.

As I cross the campus quad I am amazed, how at home I feel.  Ah, back in academia, where all things are possible.